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About Our Inspirational Cuff Bracelets

Founded by Izzy Griffin in 2022, Redd Dott began with a simple mission to empower women through fashion, aspiring to remind them of their strength, capability, and inherent worth. Izzy has long been driven by a fervent passion for distinctive fashion, particularly vintage textiles. Her journey is deeply intertwined with a profound love for these textiles, each imbued with a unique charm and narrative that captivates her soul. Influenced by her grandmother and great-grandmother, Izzy sees these fabrics not merely as artifacts but as storytellers, connecting her to history and craftsmanship. This familial bond and appreciation for vintage textiles form the foundation of Redd Dott's collection, enriching the present with treasures from the past. 

Izzy's perspective on culture and beauty was broadened by her sister-in-law from Punjabi, India, fostering a deep respect for diverse traditions. This cultural immersion shapes Redd Dott's sourcing of fabrics from around the world, each piece telling its own distinct story. The brand's essence is a fusion of Izzy's personal journey and her global perspective, celebrating the beauty of different cultures through unique textiles. 

Redd Dott emerges from Izzy's transformative journey through trauma and resilience. Overcoming a harrowing domestic violence experience, Izzy found solace in her family's support and underwent a profound personal transformation. The brand symbolizes her resilience, with each piece crafted authentically from vintage textiles, bearing messages of empowerment and strength. Izzy's hope is that Redd Dott not only offers exquisite fashion but also serves as a source of inspiration for others to find beauty and resilience in their own narratives.