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Lillian - Cuff Bracelet

Sale price$155.00

The Lillian cuff features a striking accessory with its cream fabric and vibrant red and orange embroidered floral design. The combination of these bold colors creates a captivating contrast that is sure to draw attention. The embroidered floral design adds a touch of elegance and sophistication to the cuff. This combination of bold colors and intricate detailing makes the Lillian cuff a statement piece that can elevate any outfit. Whether worn for a special occasion or to add a pop of color to everyday attire, this cuff is sure to make a stylish impact.

Redd Dott's cuffs are crafted from premium vintage fabrics and brass -- each one unique! The interior of every bracelet bears a hand-stamped inspirational message, so you can bring a boost of confidence everywhere you go! Handmade with love in Shreveport, LA.


  • 2" Cuff: 2” X 6.5”
  • 3" Cuff: 3" X 6.5"
Lillian - Cuff Bracelet
Lillian - Cuff Bracelet Sale price$155.00